Government Information Awareness
Creative Commons
Supreme Court Arguments in mp3
Famuos American Speaches in mp3
Mutilation of National Bank Obligations

C++ Handbook
unix socket faq
RFCs and The IP Protocol suite (you need this)
Cron Tutorial!
Perl Examples
Perl Info
Bash Scripting Guide
GMP Documentation
Photo Touch Up and Enhancement in the GIMP
The WAV File Format
Minimalist GNU For Windows
HOWTO setup an ssh daemon under cygwin
Matlab Primer
Monospaced Bitmap Programming Fonts
Shelldorado your UNIX shell scripting resource
The Jargon File
The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX
FreeDNS or DynDNS
Gmail Applications
Send Gmail Invites

fravia's searchlores
Purdue PBS help
Callsign by Name or Name by Callsign
HAM Radio Classifieds
Dayton Hamvention
Ham Stickers
Startup Control Pannel
Windows Tips
Windows Update
Stinger Virus & Worm Removal
Ad-Aware by Lavasoft
The Hosts File
Two-hundred ways to revive a hard drive (scary)
JINX Magazine
collusion.org learn all that is learnable
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Euclid in Color
Stupid Security
The Gender Genie
Units of Measurment
Thought Bucket
Chicago 2600
Disclaimer Stickers for Science Textbooks

The Solipsistic Gazette
Global Network Of Dreams
National Waether Service For IND
Zipcode by town
Sprint PCS Text Message

Computer Generated Art
Radiography [1] [2] [3] [4]
Digital Morphology Library
The Lewis Carroll Scrapbook
The art of Joseph Michael Linsner
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
A Tile A Day
Propaganda Tiles
Chinese Pop Posters
Chinese Posters
The Seven Percent Solution
Chinese Poster Advertisements
Dr. Seuss Political Cartoons
IMA Summer Nights Film Schedule
Drive In Movie Theaters in Indiana
Fractral Recursions
Staged Photographs
Industrial Art
Images From Science
Carbon Dust Illustrations
Illustrations by Louis Moe
Art Pranks
Remedios Varo

Sallie Mae L42

ZINA Is Not Andromeda

Applied Solipism
The Devil's Dictionary
Devil's Dictionary Version 2.0

Note to self: Buy clothes. Nakedness is socialy unacceptable.
Jinx Hackerwear
The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
T-Shirt Hell
Hacker Threads
Hacker Stickers
Science Posters

Volunteer Archaeology

Jens Harting's Links
Joanne Camilla Wojtysiak's Links
Toki Pona the language of good.
If English was written like Chinese
Hou tu pranownse Inglish
Simplified Spelling Society
The Speech Accent Archive
The Dialect Survey
Word Count
Misuse of Chinese Characters (Hanzi or Kanji)

Paper CD Case

Lovecraft Comic
Academia Nuts (the last time the purdue exponent had a good comic)
Demonology 101
Nowhere Girl
Strings of Fate
Whose Mind is it Anyway?
Terrell Quimby
Return To Sender
The Perry Bible Fellowship
The Doctor Pepper Show
Errant Story

Roleplaying Tips
Character Questions
Obsolete Professions
Magical Items
Marvel Superheroes RPG (books as pdf)
Interesting Marvel House Rules
Archaic Occupations
Worldbuilder's Questions
The 20' By 20' Room
Game WISH Archives
Game Dream Archives
kill puppies for satan
The Big List Of Plots
The Ultimate Gaming Table
RPG Book List

WoT Concordance
WoT Chronology
WoT Characters (one)
WoT Characters (two)
WoT Index
Loony Theories
WoT Text Search
Robert Jordan Question of The Week

The Mayday Mystery
Toynbee ideas in Kubrick's 2001 resurrect dead on planet Jupiter
This Is Not A Game
Alternate Reality Gaming Network
ilovebees: audio drama

Linguistic Phenomena & Devices
Read Regular
Songs Inspired By LIterature
Images Magizine
Normalized Centerfolds
The Tao Of Programming
- The Xbit BBS -
Core Memory
Port Numbers Reference
The Cloak
Seasonal Utility Disconnect Policies By State
The Search Engine Decoder
Unicode support in web browsers
Mailinator : fake_address
dotster domain registrar
Couch Surfing
Posters of SCIENCE!
Ricky Jay's Journal
Ron Graham (Mathmatician & Juggler)
GoogleDorks (learn things you shouldn't know)
IBM Model M (clicky) keyboards
Fundrace : How much did your neighbors give and to whom?
CPI Inflation Calculator
Gathering for Gardner
anti-television comics
Identify a Font
FAX by email
Larry Elder Libertarian Radio Show Host
Belle De Jour
Brian's Page of Antique Weirdness
Engineer Vs. Mathematician Vs. Physicist Jokes
The Mathematics Genealogy Project
Skeptic's Annotated Bible
The Rotten Library (all that mankind swore to forget)

I'm with the band (chrissy)