I recently graduated (thank $DIETY). As a result my Purdue webspace/email/etc will be deleted on March 15th 2005. This wouldn't normally be a problem for you, dear reader, except that the page you are viewing right now is located on my Purdue webspace. If you wish to continue viewing this page after the ides of March then plese redirect your bookmarks/links/etc to
Engineering Mall Northwestern Garage
Union High Camera Officialy Dead
PMU From Street Level
xinu lab CS Building G40
CS Building G56 CS Building 175
CS Lab In PHYS 08 CS Lab In PHYS 10
CS Lab In The Recitation Building New CS Building
Mechanical Engineering Room 355 BME Building Construction (Viewed From the PUPD Building)
Mechanical Engineering Room 236 Mechanical Engineering Room 242
Rawls Hall Atrium Rawls Hall 2nd Floor Commons
Kranert Lab ??? Rawls Room 4082
Kranert Drawing Room Kranert Lab ???
Rawls Room 1057 Rawls Room 2082
Rawls Room 2070 Rawls Room 2079
Rawls Room 3058 Rawls Room 2058
Rawls Room 4054 Rawls Room 1011
Rawls Room 1062 Ray W. Herrick Laboratories Cam 4
Fish Tank in Brown 4164 Fish Tank in Brown 4164
Solar Car Garage  
Millennium Building Construction From CIVL3104 Millennium Building Construction From PHYS ??? Knoy Manufacturing Center Lab Front
Knoy Manufacturing Center Lab Back Knoy DCM Construction Lab Knoy TCN e-Business Lab
Horticulture Plant Cam CPT Mobile Computing Lab Foreign Languages and Literature SC220
Knoy 204 The HKN Bagelcam The Olson Lab CIVL 3154
The Olson Lab CIVL 3154 The Window in Steve Plite's Office MSEE
	 Machine Room
Ray W. Herrick Laboratories Cam 2 Ray W. Herrick Laboratories Cam 3 Somewhere
	 in Food Science
Knoy 346 Advanced Graphics and Visualization Laboratory Michael Golden CPT Mobile Computing Lab Front Michael Golden CPT Mobile Computing Lab Back
Knoy Room 228 Bindley Bioscience Center Construction Birck Nanotechnology Center Construction


A special thanks to my webcam spotters:
Andy Brezinsky
Terry Ott
Rick Kennell
Andy Sydelko
Rich Redman
Ben Wolfe
Stephen Foulkes
Brian Lynch
Brian Brinegar
Timothy Johnson
Keep them coming.

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Current Sunlight has Captures from the a whiteboard in Rawls 3098 (shown above as Rawls 2058) claims to support audio via ActiveX!?!? I am a Linux person so no ActiveX for me. Can any windows people confirm this?

  Broken Webcams  

The page brokencams.html contains links to cameras around purdue which are not functioning for one reason or another. If you know who the proper administrator of one of these cameras is please notify them so they can restore it to working order. Please notify me also so that I can restore them to their rightful place on this page.

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