Good day. I am Dan Noland. As the URL of this website indicates I am also sometimes known by my UNIX login.

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Purdue University, May 2001
  • Master of Science, Computer Science, Purdue University, December 2004
My Master's work concentrated on Cryptography and Networking.

Interests: Programming, Reading, Riddles/Puzzles/Mysteries, Science (especially Physics), Art (especially Art Deco, Modernism, Minimalism, Pop Surrealism, and Futurism), Cryptography/Cryptanalysis, Steganography, Games (including Board, Role Playing, and Card Games), Game Design, Philosophy (especially Empiricism).

Groups: I am a member of The Noland Family. I am currently employed by Star Lab Software.

Ways to contact me: Other places you may find me:    
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My Erdös Number is at most 4. Which says more about how prolific Paul Erdös was and how quickly sets that follow an exponential law grow than it does about my prowess as a mathmatician. The path I have worked out is:

Dan Noland->Scott Yost->Professor Gene Spafford->Professor Sam Wagstaff->Doctor Paul Erdös

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