23:21:51 Thursday November 03 2016

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Most of you know that I am not a very political person. I enjoy thinking about politics in the abstract: rights and responsibilities, fairer ways of voting, and better systems for redistricting interest me.

I don't like to battle with friends and acquaintances about the messy daily ebb and flow of practical politics. I think we all have important ideas to contribute to the nation, even those that disagree with me. Why should daily political squabbles estrange us from one another? This whole nation votes and through the wisdom of the crowds we are all better because of one another.

While candidates I like or dislike come and go I rarely raise my voice because I know that even those that disagree abide by the same core enlightenment era ideals:
  • Peaceful transition of power
  • Protection of political minorities
  • Freedom of speech and the press
  • Separation of church and state and freedom of worship
  • Rule of law
  • Separation of power
  • Sovereignty of the people
Now one candidate has dug deep into the darkest part of of the American psyche. He has given no indication that he cares one iota for these ideals if they stand in the way of his rise to power.

In the face of such a candidate keeping quiet isn't politeness; it is cowardice. So for the next five days you will hear nothing but my full-throated endorsement of the candidate most able to prevent this travesty.