23:53:28 Monday September 11 2017

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At about 12:50 am I was woken from a hypnagogic state, somewhere between waking and dream. Sara was calling for me. Her water had broken, tiny pools of crystal water on the parquet floor. A shock of adrenaline and everything seemed to slow down. I need to call the obstetrician. Why are they speaking so slowly on the phone? I can barely understand them. We talk to the doctor. Relax. We need to head to the hospital sometime in the next four hours or so.

We get showered and prepared. As I pack our bags into the car the neighborhood is completely still. Fog hovers under the street lights muffling the sound and making the silence deeper. We linger for as long as we dare, which isn't even remotely four hours. As we drive to the hospital we pass almost a dozen deer, does and their fawns; spring babies growing strong for winter.

Checkin was easy. The doctors and nurses were so kind and professional. Our hospital treats US senators and foreign dignitaries, so Sara got great care. 21 hours of boredom interspersed with terror later and baby Malcolm came screaming into the world. He is amazing. He needs to learn so much about how the universe works and Sara and I are lucky enough to get to show it to him.

We spent Friday and part of Saturday in the hospital getting checked out, and soon enough mom and baby were given clean bills of health. So we packed ourselves up into our little car with our car-seat that cost three percent of the car's original price. On the ride home Sara put on some music and as we drove home in the beautiful early September afternoon we couldn't have been happier. But the deer weren't there to salute us this time. They had long since melted away into the forest on their own life adventures.