Webcam Display
One of my earliest experiments in python, this cgi-script shows all active webcams on the Purdue campus. All the data is kept in a simple postgres DB table. There is a nightly cron job that runs and tests the cams in the DB table for "liveness" as well as keeping records of how often each cam is up or down.

De-Rumble Your GameCube Controller
A slimple pictorial howto describing how one can perminantly disable the rumble feature on their Nintendo GameCube controller.

In graduate school I helped Professor Katy L. Simonsen improve and expand her SIMCORE Software for simulating coalscent trees with heterogeneous recombination rates. Basically it follows certain interesting points on a gene, called loci, through many many simulated generations of reproduction. The results are now available under the terms of the Lesser General Public Licence.