The Pantheon of Melderon

These are all the major gods and goddesses but are far from all the minor ones. I will add more as I develop those.

Gods of the Realm

Gladius the god of balance and King of the gods

The Good Gods

Apollo the Lightbringer (The god of the sun, light, and dawn)

Artia (The goddess of agriculture)

Nashara (The goddess of literature, poetry, art, and beauty)

Orion (The god of gaurdians, warriors, and protection)

Tara (The goddess of pain and suffering)

Jovia (The goddess of joy, happiness, dance, and festivals)

Dara (The goddess of love)

Didric (The god of duty, loyalty, obediance, and honor)

Arturo (The god of adventurers, curiosity, and exploration)

The Neutral Gods

Arius (The god of magic and mages)

Mortar (The god of forests, animals, and druids)

Zoltar (The god of construction, craft, and technology)

Mist (The god of deception, and illusion)

Pandera (The goddess of Knowledge and bards)

Festus (The god of war)

Archia (The goddess of women)

Archon (The god of men)

The Evil Gods

Morkoth (The god of death)

Sirera (The goddess of Storms and Thunder)

Aganar (The god of Murder and Assissines)

Verona (The Goddess of disease)

Avana the Destroyer (The goddess of Destruction)

Traton (The god of Darkness, Night, intrigue, and Theivery)

Barnark the Hunter (The god of hunters, beasts, and Blood)

Taromar (The goddess of Pain, hurt, and torture)

The Minor Gods

Grunnish the god of clubbing (Neutral)

Ashkar the god of envy (evil)