The Keepers of the Light:

Past and Present

This page is home of the Keepers of the Light. It is a page that is devoted to link pages of teh characters in the group. It is a place where you may go to get a true feel of the Keepers of the Light and to have a laugh. These pages are made in good fun, but it gives you an idea of the characters. Hopefully I will eventually get everyone to do it. I have to thank Horl Choo for finally getting me to get this done. So here they are with a brief summery by me.


Also known as Bartholomew the Bishop, he is a priest of the god of Chaos, Loco. He appeared in Melderon with his Friend adn comrade, Gothmog. He has joined the Keepers about a year ago and has added his own little, ok alot, of chaos. Just ask him about Pink Panties of Protection:)

Hunting Lizard Coming Soon

Destin Bronzen Coming Soon

Almouchi Coming Soon