The Last Game "Adrian's Father"

Well last game wasa two game sitting session. It revolved around one characters past. At the beginning of the campaign, a druid named Adrian, had a father that had raped his Mother to give birth to him. Adrian hated his Father. He believed him to be a psycho and wanted to kill him. Later as the campaign progressed, he learned that his father had been a powerful Arch Druid that was poisoned by a member of the Black Circle that made him insane. That Black Circle Druid had infritrated the druidhood and now was Grand Druid. Adrian had vowed to find his Father. His search was a long hard one.

As the game open, Queen Jessica of the House of Hollenwyrm-Romov was crowned Queen of the Kingdom of Galador. The Civil War that had raged across Galador was now ended with the Alliance with the Barbarian and the forces loyal to the Queen was forged. DuPree, with his backer Lord Villinar, and the black Dragon disappeared. With them out of the picture Queen Jessica was able to unite the Kingdom under her rule.

The party for their assistance is given a house to hold the Keepers of the Light. It is a large manor house with rooms for everyone. There is also servants to run the house for them, lead by that clumsey, but good natured, Lord Aberdeen, son of the late Royal Vizier to King Frothins II, father of Queen Jessica. They are also given the house since when they lived in the Royal Castle they were teh cause of a great deal of destruction:)

The party takes a great deal of fun at the corination. As another reward, members are given gifts from the Queen. Von Lorean is offered a knighthood, Adrain is given more land and healing potions, Barthlamew the Bishop is given the title of Lord, Gothmog is restored back to a one-eyed troll, Dersin is returned to a gnome and the curse is lifted so he can be a thief again, Roland is restored to human and his title to raised to Roland, the not so stupied squire of the paladinhood of Orion, Serina is given medical portians and spells, Bartog is offered Knighthood, Destin is offered Knighthood, and Thor is given some gems.

After the corination, the party returns to the house to find the man that was an Arch Druid with Adrian's father. In a previous game, Adrian had found him to discover real information about his Father. The a few games ago, Adrian agreed to join the Black Circle and his initiation was to kill this driud in hiding. He has come to inform Adrian that he has located his Father. His Father was in an insane asylum two days to the south. Adrian grew very excited at the prospect of finding his Father. The Druid left and Adrian vowed to to rescue his father and cure him.

That next morning Adrain, with a hung over Dersin, Bartholmew, Gothmog, Destin, and Thor left to the south to get his father. The trip lasted two day and ended at the small town of Pathos, that house the insane asylum.

There Adrian faced his insane father for the first time. He was chained in the basement and was beaten often. Adrian tried to speak to him, but all that was resolved was that Adrian almost had his ear bitten off. Adrian tried to get the doctor in charge to release him, but he refused. He said that he planned to operaton on him and remove the part ofthe brain that housed the evil demon that controlled his father. Adrian refused to let this happen. Adrian and his party gathered and attacked the Asylum. They easily got his father out, but also released every other insane person. As the party rode out of Pathos as the city was in chaos as pyros, psychotics, etc, ravaged the small town.

The party sped toward the Isle of Magia, where the Druid there had vowed that he could help his Father. On the way there a group of bandits tried to force the party to give them a fee to cross the path. Most of the party agreed to pay,but Gothmog and Bartholmew attacked them. The rest of the party rode away. Gothmog was taken down by supieror numbers and Barthlomew was also taken down. The party was got both of them return withour their equipment. The party though continued and ignored the loss. Barhtholmew was upset to say the least. At night he tried to kill Adrian's vegetarian, cowardily tiger Alfred. He escaped him though.

After fourteen days of traveling they arrived at the Isle of Magia. The druid informed that all that he needed to cure his father was to get a special moss to put in a salve. This moss lay in the Valley of Corruption. This is a Valley that lay two days to the south. It was a valley corupted by a transmuter Arch-Mage Talavid.

The party agreed to go. Bartholmew left and Robin the Brave and his minstrals joined to party. To save time time the party agreed to go through the plane of shadows. Instead of three days, itwas a fifteen minute walk, but on the trip the party almost lost Gothmog that feel off the road made by the mages.

The party arrived outside of the Valley. it was at this point that Robin the Brave, after his run in with a hissing cochroach, pulled out his deck of many things. The whole party pulled out cards. Adrian and Gothmog lost their souls. Dersin was imprisoned in a gem and Bob spelled backwards came and join the party. Destin gained experence and Thor lost experence. Two Minstrals were killed by death and one by Thor.

That night the party entered the the valley, they meet the first corrupt beast, ahuge fourteen foot long badger. The party easily dispatched him and they continued. The party continue. thenthe party fought huge mutated spiders that were crossed with scopions. After a tough fight the party defeated the spiders and ran before more arrived. Then the party was almost killed by a large mushroom. They then moved on to face psionic intelligent monkeys.

Finally the party found the moss and escaped the Valley. As they set up camp they faced the evil transmuter Talavid, who was most upset with the killing of his pets. The party engaged the the mirrored imaged transmuter only to findthat thatwas a mere illusion of him. They found the mage when Destin hit himwith a mirror image. In the insueing fight, Adrian successfully got athorn rack off and the party badily injuredhim. In the end though, the transmuter managed to polymorph the entire party. Adrian was an ant, Gothmog a cow, Bob was a snail, Robin was a bunny rabbitt, Thor a prairie dog, and Destin a fly. Mages came from the Isle and brought the party back and returned them to normal.

With the moss the Druid made the salve and cured Adrian's father. His father was distraught at all the evil that he had done. After a long discussion, Adrian convinced himtop try to regain his Druidhood. The party returned to galadorto await their next adventure.

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