The History of Melderon

This is the History of the realm of Melderon. It is slightily out of date, but I will get it updated soon

The History of the Ages

The First Age

There is no exact beginng of the first age, it is beleived to have run about 50,000 years and began with the birth of the first god Gladius by the ancient ones. From there Gladius created the other gods (See creation prophecy about the creation of the gods). Sometime around 40,000 years before the end of the Age, Elves arouse and became the prominant power. In this this Age Elves were a single goodly people that worked with nature to create there civilization.

The Elves created a single great nation that was based on love of nature, faith in there gods, and magic. They called this nation Sardesti. The Elves created the greatest magic items ever made, most now lost. They also wielded the most powerful magic, also most lost. In this kingdom there was no poor or hungry. The elves looked out for each other and defended each other from many great evils. The kingdom lived mostly in peace and harmony. In fact it took an enemy from within to destroy it.

In the last two or three hundred years of the Age, the elves were betrayed and attacked, but they were not betrayed by any monster or deman. Instead the enemy was themselves. An elvan god named Lloth corrupted a group of elves with power and powerful magic. These elves turned on the great kingdom of Sardesti. The war lasted for the remaining years of the Age. In the end the evil elves were defeated. There god Lloth was forced to go under the ground and live. The evil elves willingily followed her and there skin was cursed to be black. While the Dark Elves were defeated, they had managed to plant chaos in the rest of the elves. Now elves began to mistrust each other, and other began to want to seperate. One group went so far as to cast a magical rite on themselves and move into the sea. Sardesti disappeared and other elvan nation were born. Some fought each other, others isolated themselves. The golden age of elves had disappeared with the end of this age. (A sidenote is that Elvan mythology states that the capital of Sardesti was never destroy and in fact lies hidden away.)

The Second Age

This age began with the elves in disarray. In the absents of such a overwhelming civilization a void was formed, and this void was filled by demihumans. Instead of one single nation, this age is filled with different nations and different races. Dwarves, Halfings, gnomes, lizardmen, Drahthi, etc. These times were still very magical and the elves were still the masters of magic, but slowly and surely the secrets of magic were escaping.

With the Drow moving into the earth the dwarves and gnomes moved up. Nobody precisisly knows where they came from our when they were from, only that they appeared. Both were master miners and before the Drow came below, the Dwarves were easily the masters below. Unlike the elves though, the Dwarves were never unified, but that was there strong point, they were very individualistic. Gnomes were also good miners, but they were not quite as singled purposed as dwarves. they even began to dabble in a little magic.

During this Age Haflings began to appear. They were a peaceful lot that usually preferred to move on then fight. While they would use magic items, they rarely had the knack to cast it.

While there were goodly races there also was evil races. Lizardmen started form a civilization of there own and during the first half of the Age they were the most dangerous enemies until the Drahthi. The Drahthi were beleived to be a race demons brought in by an evil wizard. They were beings that stood almost eight feet tall, with red, scaly skin and large webbed wings. They were very evil and loved to kill.

These evil races would do much killing and fighting, but that was not the end of the age. life really did not change much. Wars were fought, won and lost. Life contiued on the same course. The evil creatures could never unify themselves or get the numbers to wipe out the goodly races. No it was the humans that ended the Age. Over a period of a thousand years human barbarian tribes began settling and forcing demi humans to move on or adapt to human laws. the humans seemed to be the unstoppable foe.

The Third Age

The Third Age is represented by the rise of Human and the beginning's of the human Golden Age. This was the first Age that human's would dominate. At first the human were barbarians that just stopped there nomadic movement and began to settle. They slowly civilized themselves and started their own kingdoms and empires much like the demihumans. The humans though were more diverse. There were goodly kingdoms and there was evil kingdoms. Humans covered the entire the entire spectrum.

During this age, humans began to grow strong with their magic. They first had some of the greatest priests ever. The gods blessed the humans much. Then the humans discovered the secret of magic, and they were very strong in it. While they were not as strong as the elves, they were gaining on them.

Most human nations carried good relations with the demihumans. Humans realized early that it was usually pointless to fight them. While in the end, humans usually won the wars, it was not without great cost. With peaceful co existance with elves, dwarves, haflings, etc the Golden Age of Man began. An Age where man developed quicker then at any other time ever.

This age lasted for almost four thousand years. It ended with the beginning of the Dark Age. The age came to a close with the rise of the Mordar Empire lead by the powerful Arch Mage Misurak. The age ended witht he War of Power, a war that Mordar fought the Alliance of 12 Elvan, Dwarvan, and human kingdoms and won.

The Fourth Age

The fourth Age was known as the Dark Age. It was the Age that the Mordar Empire control most of the Realm. It was a Dark Age that lasted about two thousand years. During these years the Mordor Empire ruled with a iron gauntlet. Misurak was the ultimate King. He ruled everything. He called together a hundred mages that swore their souls to the evil Misurak and together with the five evil great wyrm dragons they cast the most ultimate spell, a spell that Misurak stole from the Hall of the Gods, the spell that controlled the magic weave. With this spell he managed to take away most of the mages ability to cast. Even more deadly, he cut the gods off from the realm and the priest too lost their spell.

For almost a thousand years the realm was controlled with no hope of it changing. Soon though that all changed . A great fighter named Didric the Noble rose and called for people to rebel, and on the Night of Hope he rose and Army and liberated the city of Derholme. From there he was joined by the great adventurer Arturo and the soon to be Arch Mage Issen. They left the city to search for the Hall of the Gods. After ten years of searching they found it. At the hall they discovered the Orbs of Power, they were orbs that focused the magic weave, and with them they were able to restore the weave and defeat the evil Misurak (for more detail see the Legends of Misurak and the Heros). Both Arturo and Didric was rewarded by being named gods, while Issen went on to be one of the most powerful mages ever.

The Fifth Age

This age was one of constant wars. Magic was once again growing with power with the diffeat of Misurak. Human nations and demihuman nations fought each other and hordes of monsters to regain control of lands and balance power. This age was often Known as the Age of Chaos. It was denoted by the constant struggle for supremecy. Little is trully known about this thousand year period. Most of what is known was lost in the constant wars and destruction.

This Age ended with the final war, this war was known as the War of Light, for the epic struggle to destroy evil and restore good as the supreme power. This final war lasted almost forty Years and ended with the victory by the Three Nations of Light Desfrome, Alladare, and Ishon.

The Sixth Age

This Age began in the year 6A 0 with the first day of peace. On this day the great leaders of the Three Nations of Light proclaimed the beginning of the New Age, The Age of Light.

6A 34 The powerful Arch Mage Derna Founds the mageacy of Derisca. The Three Nations of Light, fearing that this was a threat like Misurak go to war. Thus the Mage War begins.

6A 37 Derna launches a magical Assualt that destroys the capital of Ishon and puts it at a bottom of a lake. The war continues.

6A 39 Derna's army almost defeated, he call on an extraplanar race call Valkars to join him. The create much chaos and kill many people.

6A 40 The nation of Ishon is virtually destroyed.

6A 43 The High Arch Mage Ferminicus joins the now Two Nations of Light and calls for all mages to join him.

6A 45 Lead by King Rivos II and Ferminicus, Derna is killed and Derisca is destroyed.

6A 49 Fernicus calls for a council of all mages in Alladare's capital Mundenhelm. There he tries to pursuade all the mages to join together and form a union of sorts to promote magic and prevent problems like the Mage Wars. The High Towers of Sorcery are formed. Ferminicus is elected to be the first Grand Master of Sorcery.

6A 51 Ferminicus autherizes the construction of a High Tower of Sorcery on an island to be known as Magia.

6A 59 The High Tower is completed. It is also decided that every school of magic should have a High Arch Mage that will lead them.

6A 67 The High Arch Mages petitition Fernicus to allow each to build a high tower for their school. Fernicus agrees on the condition that they spread them out and allow all to learn there.

6A 78 Fernicus steps down as High Grand Master of Sorcery. Merdered of the Tower of Divination is elected new Grand Master of Sorcery. 6A 83 Merdered dies and Vorshon of the Tower of Necromancy is elected.

6A 85 The Planar Schism. Vorshon rules that anyone the gets spell from a outer planer being evil. They are thrown out of the order.

6A 86 Many witches and warlocks under the leadership of Givon form the The Black Moon Citidal, for the development of planar magic.

6A 88 The planar Inquisition. Vorshon declares that the outcast wizards are a threat and calls for an inquisition. most churches agree.

6A 90 King Derthrong founds the city of Rilgon in the ashes that remains of the lost nation of Ishon and founds the Kingdom of the Righteous People.

6A 94 King Derthrong is killed by the Babarian tribe known as the Swift Lions, his son Derdan takes the throne at the age of 12. His advisor Breekenm, a rather evil man controls the King and it is a harsh time for the Kingdom.

6A 95 Vorshon goes the the Kingdom of Righteous People and forms a sort of Alliance. Construction of a school of Magic is formed there. While all magic is suppose to be taught, in reality only necromancy is taught and studied.

6A 178 Vorshon is discovered working to become a lich by High Master Jallon of Divination Tower. Vorshon kills Jallon, but not before warning the other High Sorcerers. Before they get a chance to move Vorshon escapes with several followers. Pathinios of Divinations is appointed new Grand Master.

6A 180 Pathinios is murdered with poison, a magical one in nature. Mallidus of the Illusion Tower. He vows to discover the conspiracy.

6A 192 Mallidus steps down from Grand Master. Alvinar of the Invocation Tower replaces him.

6A 199 Alvinar steps down as Grand Master. It is believed he is forced to step down. The Black Sorcerer Nelvius replaces him.

6A 204 It is discovered that Nelvius is really Vorshon. Vorshon kills several Mages, but he is forced out of the Tower and wages war against the Towers. The Black Tower is expelled and Karradrina the Great is elected the first female Grand Master she vows to destroy the traitor Vorshon and the Black Tower. The War of the Towers begins.

6A 222 Terra Delonj is destroyed and Vorshon is murdered. The Black Tower is destroyed. The War of the Towers end.

6A 224 Kerradrina marries Godnargen the Hansome, the head of the White Tower. He resigns his post to marry her. There love is strong and it is sort of the pride of the Towers.

6A 240 Godnargen is killed by a Necromancer assissine. He is killed in secret, then he is animated and sent to Kerradrina as a gift. She is heartbroken and never quite the same. She loses much of her love for life. She does her duty and propells sorcery to new levels, but she only does it for others now.

6A 254 Kerradrina passes away. Her death is a surprise to the Towers who had been for years trying to get her to take potions of Longevity, but she always has refused. The Diviner Holmiester the Old is appointed the Grand Master. It though is more of an honor for all the years of his loyal service for the Towers fore is is already very old and in fact the oldest ever appointed to lead the Towers.

6A 610 Alladare collapses in Civil War when King DeLoes dies. His four sons fight for the throne as the War of the Four Kings begins.

6A 618 The Kingdom of Jimini attacks Alladare.

6A 638 The War of the Four Kings officially end when the last two brothers, Tallen and Yavios make peace. Much of the Kingdom is lost. Yavios takes the Northern part and continues with the name of the Kingdom of Alladare. Tallen takes a much smaller southern part and found the Kingdom of Rythos.

6A 640 King Tallen decides to create a city of Greatness. He founds the city of Corenthia, and dedicates it to the God of Tara.

6A 678 King Tallen dies. His son King Seth takes the throne.

6A 691 King Seth dies. His son Lothus the Incompantant takes the throne. During the next few years the rule of Rythos is inefficent and much suffering to the people happens due to it.

6A 695-96 The Dark Famine of Rythos. Due to mismanagent and a drought Rythos goes through a horrid famine where thousands die.

6A 696-98 The Rythosian Civil War. The provinces of Tridara overthrow the local lords and attempt to form four Kingdoms of Kaldina, Barshvona, Caldinney, and Lamoria. King Lothus attempts to hold the Kingdom together, but ultimately fails. Rythos loses the war and is fact lowered to that of a City State of Corenthia when Lanora, Vermonia, and Klaasevale leaves the Kingdom and forces the peace.

6A 699 King Lothus dies. His younger brother Paldius the Unifier takes the thone. He begins to repair the damage his brother has done.

6A 701 Lanora rejoins the Kingdom of Rythos.

6A 704 Paldius gets the Treaty of Restoratation. In the treaty, Vermonia and Klaasevale reunite with Rythos.

6A 1298 Prince Ardon is born to King Toralle I of the city-state of Jaradon, a member of the League of Archapelo City-States.

6A 1315 King Toralle I of Jaradon is Assassinated. Young Prince Ardon ascends to the Throne. Legend has it that a dragon named Sardrake arrived at the moment of his coronation and pledged his fealty to the new King and gave him the name Dragonlord.

6A 1316 The city-state of Bravara attacks Jaradon, but is defeated. King Ardon Dragonlord then attacks Bravara and unifies both city-states together under the banner of the Silver Dragon.

6A 1317 The League of Archapelo City-States meet in Drazilon to discuss an imminent attack by Amazon Armies and King Ardon’s takeover of Bravara. Arriving late King Ardon Dragonlord speaks. By the end of the meeting all the leaders ascends to him and declare him their King.

6A 1318 In the Battle of Two Mountains, King Ardon Dragonlord repels the Amazons. He is now the uncontested ruler of the new Kingdom of Archapelo.

6A 1322 The Rijillian City-States, jealous of the Kingdom of Archapelo, ally with the Amazons and the Archean Sea War begins. 6A 1323 In the Battle of Pyruss Plains, King Ardon Dragonlord defeat the combined armies of the Rijillians and Amazons. He then marches forward and begins the conquest of the Rijillian City-States.

6A 1325 The Last Rijillian City-State falls to King Ardon Dragonlord. The Archean Sea War Ends. King Ardon declares the formation of the Kingdom of the Silver Light.

6A 1327 Supposedly King Ardon receives visions of Great Evil from the Goddess Pandara. In these visions he is told to march to the Tower of Sorcery on the Isle of Magia to gain the full backing of the Towers.

6A 1328 King Ardon Dragonlord begins the Great March north with a huge Army. He plans to unite the world under his rule to fight the darkness. During the summer the Kingdom of Jimini falls, but the march into Davasius is hard as a bitter war there begins.

6A 1330 Davasius falls to King Ardon Dragonlord. Then he continues into the Four Kingdoms of Tridara. There is no fighting there as all four kingdoms present King Ardon Dragonlord their crowns.

6A 1331 On June 22, King Ardon Dragonlord marches into the city of Corenthia of the Kingdom of Rythos. There King Paldius III swears his fealty to King Ardon Dragonlord the Great.

6A 1332 The Kingdom of Aldrassa swears fealty to King Ardon Dragonlord and the Fall he arrives on the Isle of Magia. There the Mages convene and swear fealty to the King of the Kingdom of the Silver Light. It is the first and only time the Towers ever swear fealty to a leader.

6A 1333 The Dranock, nervious about the possiblilty of attack by King Ardon ally with the Amazons and Attack. King Ardon quickly moves south and engages the Dranock army in the Battle of Fair Forest. There he defeats the army and begins moving into Dranock. Then in July, King Kaljar springs his trap. Outside the capital of Derntera, King Ardon is defeated and barely escapes. Even worse Amazons land on the Rijillian coast and with the help of Rijillian lords begin the conquest of Jaradon.

6A 1334 King Ardon Dragonlord the Great amasses a huge Army in Jaradon, but o no avail. Jaradon falls. King Ardon is killed and the great city is destroyed.

6A 1380 Azreal is born.

6A 1397-1413 The second Amazon War rages, The war ends with the Amazin armies repulsed with great loss.

6A 1434 The Kingdom of Galadar is founded. The House of DeCosta lead by Sir Wildran the Swordbreaker is chosen by the ten houses to lead. King Wildran is crowned.

6A 1603 King Kirov the Krazy takes the throne of Galador. He is known as insane and for being a flaming homosexual.

6A 1619 King Sergei the Madman takes the throne of Galador. His rule is known for insanity. He is known for naming his heir a duck, making a lamb a house, multiple wifes, beastility, building the largest navy on Lake Cresco.

6A 1628 King Sergei the Madman of Galador is assisinated by a group od lumberjacks. The entire family is wiped out. In reality the top ten houses conspired to end the insanity and get rid of him. The House of Hollinwyrm is chosen as the successer and King Galos I takes the throne.

6A 1734 56 Nobles rebel against King Kilzar the Ruthless of Paradon. It is a beginning of a brutal war. The Nobles though have been smart, they promised Noble titles to the Generals and commoner leaders. They quickly free the Pennisula of Paradon control and Declare the Kingdom of Endoria.

6A 1739 King Kilzar the Ruthless dies. His Son Varden is crowned King. He is for ending the long bloody war.

6A 1740 The rebals of Endoria offically win their Independence. They form a government made up of a hundred Noble Families and King Jarron the Great of the House of Lastvaben is crowned the first King.

6A 2158-2163. The Six Years War rages between the Kingdoms of Galador and Paradon.

6A 2259 King Frothins ascends to the throne of Galador after his Father King Maldran III dies by assisination.

6A 2273 King Arkon IV takes the throne of Paradon after the death of his Father King Arkon III.

6A 2287 King Frothins II takes the throne of Galador upon the death of his father King Frothins I.

6A 2315. 6. 10 The House of DuPree, the apparent heir to the throne is assisinated bu mercenaries. Also during the night King Frothins II dies.

6A 2315. 6. 17 The House of Romov takes the throne temporarily. King Karavass is crowned king.

6A 2315. 7. 29 The Rythorian Civil War begins.

6A 2315. 8. 15 The Galadorian Civil War Begins.

6A. 2316. 1.18 King Yathos of Elgar is assissinated by Jimini Rebals. His fifteen year old son takes the throne, King Xavier.

6A 2316. 1. 22 King Karavass dies.

6A 2316. 2. 1 Queen Jessica of the House of Hollinwyrm-Romov ascends to the throne.

6A 2316. 2. 10 The Galadorian Civil War ends.

6A 2316. 8. 10 There is an attempted assinaination of the Queen of Endoria. During the attempt the Keepers of the Light attmted to kill the High Lord.

6A 2316. 8. 29 Renegade King Melose is killed by Balzen the Baneful.

6A 2316. 9. 08 Queen Jessica disbands the Keepers of the Light.

6A 22316. 9. 14 In Rythos, after the death of the rightful King, peasant uprise under the leadership of a farmer and raise the banner of the Cow. They vow to fight to put the “dead” son of the King on the throne.

6A 2316. 9. 21 The Galadorian Uprising.

6A 2316. 9. 28 Queen Jessica is discovered to be a fake. Regent Countess Maria is chosen to reign until Jessica. House of Hollinwyrm-Romov switched back to Hollinwyrm, Aberdeen is made acting magistrate of the House in absence of Jessica.

6A 2317. 2. 8 King Xavier restored to the Wolf Throne of Elgar by the Keepers of the Light. The Lord Marshall escapes with an army and vows to destroy the King and restore Elgar to glory.

6A 2317. 2. 10 The City State of Creos succeeds of the Kingdom of Elgar under their new Leader Sir Dermick the Good.

6A 2317. 2. 12 Jaradon, the legendary city of King Ardon Dragonlord, is discovered by Trivius and his associates. The Dragon Sardrake is also discovered alive. Unfortunately the Amazons come and finish the job they started centuries ago. Sardrake is killed and the cities final destruction.

6A 2317. 2.14 The Blessed One of Archon is discovered in a small outpost south of Archeas Land. Prophesy has it that he will lead the Archons to destroy Archea and her followers.

6A 2317 2. 18 The Amazons invade the Rijillian City-States, which bravely captulate in a matter fo minutes to their new rulers.

6A 2317.3. 5 The Paradon-Endoria Alliance is signed to fight against Galadorian Aggression and interference in internal National Matters.

6A 2317. 3. 18 In Rythos the Battle of Three Villages occurs between Rythosian Armies lead by Lord Balzan and the Paladins of Orion. The Paladins were moving to try to unite with the Rebal forces under Marshal Pandalious.. The Orion paladins though are defeated and forced to retreat into the Mountains as thousand of Shadowspawn come and reinforce Balzon. It is believed that the Leader of the Paladins is killed.

6A 2317. 4. 14 The Keepers of the Light lead by the heroic Sir Wolfgang Lancaster Delnius defeat the leader Sir Dermick the Good and Creos is return to Elgar. Unfortunately by this time the city has been robbed blind and Sir Dermick the Good is no where to be found.

6A 2317. 4. 17 Marshal Pandalious dies after a noble fight. On his death he imparts that Melose must be found a put on the throne.

6A 2317. 4. 18 The light of the world is taken away with the completion of the Darkhouse in Corenthia.

6A 2317. 5. 3. The light of the world is restore by the Keepers of the Light. They destroy the Darkhouse and kill Lord Balzen in the process. Corenthia though seems totally corrupted by the evil that resides there.

6A 2317. 5. 4. A Rythosian army invades the Kingdom of Eldermount. The attack is so quick that Eldermount can only surrender to the greater Rythosian force that is backed by a legion of Demons.

6A 2317. 5. 7 In the Citidal of Light. The Council of Light opens. It is a meeting to try unite all the forces of Light against the evil. During the meeting Count Malkin steps down and disappears. Very little is accomplished. The Keepers of the Light is approached by a Lord Byrom. He request the Keepers help to free Eldermount. The Keepers agree.

6A 2317. 5. 25 The Keepers of the Light arrive at the Kingdom of Eldermount on the North coast under the cover of darkness.

6A 2317. 6. 1 The City of Manning in northern Eldermount is liberated by the Keepers of the Light. The Rythosain forces for the moment do not have enough soldiers to deal with the current situation. The Rythosians appear to be preparing for an invasion of the Dwarves.

6A 2317 Present Day

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