The Last Game "Race For the Crystal Tablet"

Well here is finally a second Adventure posted. This one so far was ran on three nights. The party had a little problem with this one. It is not even finished yet, but the party got far on it.

The adventure opened when Lehnis DuKay, aka Lycia, walked into his/her room. There hiding in the shadows was a man. He wore a black cloak which he used to shroud his face in darkness. In a low whispering voice he offered something the party has seeked for some time...the Crystal Tablet. The Tablet that carried the laws of the gods. It was the Tablet the party was entrusted to by Malken Mirchen to protect and they lost it.

He offer Lehnis a chance to neogotiate to where it was. He offered th location and who was holding it for the party to give him five hundred gold and to hide him. Lehnis agreed and he rant o talk to the party. Unfortunately Von Lorean the party leader did not agree to the agreement. In the end the man lept though a window and escaped. The party was sure that he went to warn his master.

The party rushed to the house. Unfortunately Gothmog, the One eyed cannibal troll had left the parrty adn they had just picked up a human fighter named Captain Tayler and a sort of apeman that called himself Dr. Antonius. The party got themdselves defeated in the greeting hall when they decided to just run in. Of course it did not help that Hunting Lizard, Destin, and Thor sat in the alley taking a smoke.

After the defeat the party was very discouraged. Von Lorean went into the forest to commune with nature. Roland the not so stupied, Squire of the Paladinhood of Orion, took the lead. This unfortunately was a great diseaster. Roland ran the party over to the house. his plan was to have Almouchi go and search the windows and see what was going on. Unfortunaely Almouchi failed and fail though a window. The party immediately ran away.

The party then waited til the next night and they went again. This time Roland was more bold. He lead the party back to the house and rushed for the second time through the front door. Then under the cover of a wall of fog, the party bravely ran into the empty room.They then ran through the house. On the first floor there was no one. The servants rooms were vacant and the food was poisoned. When they walked to the second floor a door opened and they heard a voice call them in. At that point the party bravely ran back down the stairs, never even going into the room...they are a brave lot aren't they:) The party then decided to go down.

Below the house was the family crypts. On the door was a rune, which the page Serina knew was magical. She walked through the dorr adn promptly turned into a chicken. Tayler promply put her in one of his bags. Roland then ordered the party through...knowing for sure that there was undead in the coffin. He knew that it was not bloody likely that they might actually put there dead in them:) Roland stepped in with no problem. Antonius then stepped in and promptly turned into a chicken. Tayler finally stepped in and he too promply turned into a chicken...of course with Serina in his bag and thus thus she became part of him. The party then bravely ran notice a reaccuring theme?

When the party returned to the house von Lorean return. Also Daron and Seth return with a swashbuckling goblin named Grak, who coincidentially noticed Seth walking inot town and reconized him from the painted he had. Seth tried to ignore him, but once again he let another person in the party. Also Lehnis once again should his female face at the house.

Lehnis promply went about dispelling the magic Tayler. Then he went upstairs to rememorize. When he stepped into his room a man in a black cloak promptly put a dagger to his throat and began to complain about how he had waited for the party at the house. he promised to tell lehnis where his Master was going with the Crystal Tablet adn all he wanted was a promise to fulfill a favor at a later date. Lehnis agreed. The man immediately leaped out another window and was gone, but the party now knew where the Tablet was a ship in the harbor of Tol Apar. The party quickily left, knowing that the mage Serdida had a three day lead.

Before the party left after talking to the Queen, Queen Jessica about getting teleported. She said the mage was gone. The party was disappointed and wasted several hours but at least during that time Antonius was brought back from chicken form to his normal apeform. The party sped out of Galador, there hearts pumping with excitement of possibly getting the tablets again.

Outside town the party was ambushed. Serdida had left one of his apprentices to see that the party did not live to catch him. He was a little, screwny, pimple face geek of a mage. As the party prepare to race at the mage, they were surrounded as the mercenaries that were with him. Von Lorean went after the mage only to find that he had drank a potion of involnerability (the DM actually wrote out all his thigs, so npcs started drinking more potions:)Von Lorean was at a loss. It was at this point the goblin proved his worth and tackled the mage. It truely was a pathetic fight between them. The rest of the party valiently fought the mercenaries and with the help of hidious DM rolling and skill they defeated the mass of mercenaries and bravely killed the wounded ones. The party then stripped the mage of everything and threw him over a horse. When they got to camp that night they literally bravely tortured the whiney tied up mage. After basically getting little except the mage had probably abandoned this pathetic mage the party cut is achilles tendons and left himt to crawl though the forest.

The party then continued and rode on to Tol Apar. Then outside the town the party camew across a priestess and paladin of the goddess of Verona. They immediately fought the party and firstly the scouts Lehnis and Grak. The priestess threw out ten little wooden rats which immediately enlarged and attacked the party. In the Ensueing fight Grak bravely ran away in typical goblin fashion. Lehnis was poisoned. The Paladin in typical luck got held. Unfortunately Von Lorean went down. This was a close fight. The rats were vicious. The party was badily hurt, but all survived and they continued on.

The party then arrived in Galador. There they had the magic items identified and Von Lorean went to try to the harbor master. There he found a rather older man who seemed much like a pirete. At first Von Lorean tried force, but when the lynch mob formed out on the street, Daron calmed him down and bribed the Harbormaster who told them that he had left on the pirete ship, "The Black Skull", and that it was sailing south west. And that is where the game stopped.