Legend of the Dark Mage


As Written by

Shazzen al’Zarzanbod

It was the end of the Third Age, The Golden Age of Human. It believed to have lasted four thousand years. Human rose from no where and dominated the world. It was a time of great Kingdoms and mages. It was a noble time where the light far outbalanced the darkness. In fact that perhaps was it downfall. With so much light, there had to be a darkness that would one day consume the light. That darkness came in the form of a human Mage named Mizerak.

Mizerak was born late in the Age. Little is known of his early life, as he worked to cover all his past before is rise to power. Some of his past though has been uncovered. He was born to a noble. The name of this noble is long lost in the annals of time, but it appears to have been a noble of little importance. At a very young age he became interested in the arts of magik. In fact, it is said that he was so gifted at the art that he cast his first spell at the age of ten.

At the early age he was tested by the Mages of the Concordian. They were a powerful group of Mages that were started by the elves to teach the other races the art properly and in someways to control what was taught. The Concordian had an Arch Mage appointed to every Kingdom to advise the Kings and Queens and also recruit new mages. The Arch Mage of the Kingdom of Falshar, Isenpraar, took special interest in the very young boy. Upon hearing news of the boy he traveled and tested the boy himself. He never before had tested a boy with such potential. He believed that the boy possessed enough power to be one of the greatest mages. He too it upon himself to teach the boy magic.

Young Mizerak was taken to the capital of Falshar, Gordin Mar. It is here that Isenpraar began teaching the young apprentice. Mizerak learned quickly. Everything that Isenpraar could teach, Mizerak easily picked up. By age sixteen he already was considered a Mage in his own right. Isenpraar was very proud of the young man and in some ways he considered Mizerak a son. Perhaps that was why he was blind.

Isenpraar was a very goodly mage that always worked for the light. Mizerak though had a black heart. Few people though saw that side of him. He was good at hiding the darkness that grew within him. He was ambitious. He coveted the position that Isenpraar had. He coveted the fame of being a powerful mage. He coveted a lot. Some say that his real father was not the unknown mortal, but one of the dark gods, perhaps Morgoth himself.

In the eighteenth year of Mizerak life, he was a strong mage. He had earned the title of Master in his own right, but that was not enough. He believed that he was invincible and that he was the heir to the position that Isenpraar held. Unfortunately, Isenpraar appeared to be no where near death so Mizerak could have his position. He could not wait for the stupid fool to die; fore he had a destiny that would wait for no one, especially a weak fool as Isenpraar. On a warm summer night Mizerak enter the bedchamber of his Master. He was welcomed in and offered tea. As Isenpraar sat down Mizerak stabbed him with a black magical dagger. The dagger was a smooth dark dagger that had the emblem of Black Eye. It released acid into Isenpraar’s body. As the acid ate away at his inside, all Isenpraar could do was collapse and stare up at Mizerak with shock and sadness as he watch his apprentice and adopted son stand over him grinning. The last words that he heard as his soul slipped into oblivion was that of Mizeraks voice, “I guess I will pass on the tea tonight, but I will take your title you pathetic, old fool.”

Mizerak assumed that he would be quickly be appointed to take the position that Isenpraar possessed by the Concordian and the King of Falshar, King Dalfrock III. Instead though King Dalfrock III was a very wise and perceptive King. He saw though Mizeraks charade, and ordered the mage to be arrested. As the king’s guards went to arrest the mage, Mizerak used his magic to try to gain the power through use of force. He though was not that powerful yet. Dozens of the Kings men were slew by spells that melted their skin, but soon the guard was joined by mages from the Concordian and priests. Mizerak knew that knew that he was defeated. His last action before escaping was teleporting to the top of the Silver Tower of Falshar and yelling, “I am not defeated! I will take my rightful place, and ALL shall bow to me!” With those words Mizerak vanished.

For twenty years nothing known of Mizerak. He seemed to have just disappeared in history. The Concordian assumed he was dead and gave up even watching for him. King Dalfrock III passed away and was replaced by his son King Dalfrock IV. It was a time when the light continued to reign and no one could even dream of that changing. Things though were changing.

Mizerak resurfaced in the city of Larinthia, in the Kingdom of Jarden. There he broke into the library and stole dozens of tomes. Little note was really taken of the break in and in fact it would not even be noted that it was Mizerak except that he was seen by a priest that identified him later in a journal. In that journal it was said that the books were all about the gods and a place known as the Hall of the Gods.

Supposedly there was a place that the Gods were created. It was a huge Crystal structure known as the Hall of the Gods. In the Middle of the Hall was a fountain that sprayed fourth the clear shimmering waters of Life. This Water of Life possessed great powers and even more great knowledge. It is said that any mortal that drinks from the water will go mad from all that is absorbed in the moment of drinking.

Somehow over the next decade Mizerak searched and found the Hall of the Gods. He magic powers seemed to have grown a hundred times and he seemed to become ageless. His intelligence seemed to grow endless. What is more so, his darkside seemed to have even more engulfed him and his ambition exploded to new heights. Mizerak secretly returned to Falshar. It was here that he wanted to begin is road to power.

With his new powers he appeared in the bedroom of the King. The King awoke to see him standing over his bed. He tried to scream but Mizerak had woven a sphere of silence around him. He then cast a spell that put young weak king under his control. In one quick stroke he had all the Kingdom of Falshar in his hands.

Over the coming months he laid low, hiding behind his puppet. Slowly he gathered more and more strength. He seemed to be able to attract dark people. Soon the laws of Falshar started to change and key people began to disappear. They were replaced by new, relatively unknown people. Finally Arch Mage Galdria noticed who was behind it and called for the Concordian.

With the charade over, Mizerak killed the King on the throne and announced that Falshar was dead and the Mordor Empire was now born. He already had placed his key allies in position. There was nothing that the Kingdom could do but wait to be saved by the Concordian that though would take time, time Mizerak well used. He built a huge army and began assembling mages to help him. Oh he had a plan.

It took the Concordian three months to organize themselves, but they did. They raised an army of over a hundred legions with the help of King M’Gar of the Kingdom of Xerxes and Queen Narria of the Kingdom of Prolius. The soldiers were nothing compared to the thousand mages that prepared to march with the army and the thousand priests of Arius. The Concordian had finally realized that Mizerak was more powerful then they had thought. They made plans to take no chances. Mizerak was going to fall, him and the mages that had joined him, which that in itself worried them for he had gathered several dozen strong mages and many more weaker ones that had abandoned the Concordian.

As the Concordian Army of Light marched, Mizerak prepared. Outside the newly named town of Miz’Arak, City of Mizerak, Mizerak gather his fellow Wizards. His followers were awed as he stood on a hill and began casting. As he spoke the sky seemed to go dark and up in the sky a huge portal seemed to rip through the air. It grew and grew, becoming larger then any portal and of the mages had seen. Then as he finished the incantation, three huge lizard creatures swooped through. One was Black, one was Red, and the last had scales that seemingly changed colors from dark black, to dark blood red, to bright orange. They were three powerful Great Wyrm Dragons that had helped Mizerak on his quest.

The three Wyrms landed on the hill behind Mizerak. All the wizards stood in true awe as Mizerak began to speak. “The time has come for the old ways to end. The time has come for those that hold us down to be destroyed. The time has come to cease the influence of the gods themselves. The time is ours! It is time for us to begin the New Age that will forever reign. The time of our great Victory is here. My fellow Mages gather thou strength together and focus on me. The time is at hand.”

With that statement the mages began combining their powers, letting Mizerak be the focus. The air tingled with energy, as the weave seemed to hum with power. The winds went from a light breeze to swirling around the plains as the energy reached ever higher. Dark clouds with flashes of Lightning and the booms of thunder seemed to grow out of nothing and darken the clouds. Over the land everywhere, the chanting of Mizeraks followers could be heard. Their chant starting from a low hum and growing to screams. As the chanting seemed to reach a high climax, three rings of energy seemed to explode over them and race over all.

The energy raced across the land. As it crossed over, the weave separated from the prime material plain. Every priest seemed to cry out at once. They were the first to feel the effects, as they lost the link to their gods and goddesses. All that was magical ceased to work. Mages too lost the power to wield. All magic was gone; all but those that served Mizerak, fore Mizerak remained connected with the weave. In fact, Mizerak seemed to get even stronger as he was a focal point for the magic.

As the Chant ended, Mizerak called out, “It is done! I am the only one connected to the weave. I and only I can let someone connect to the weave!” With that Mizerak held up an orb. “These are orbs of Magic, they contain the essence of the ancient god Choki. With these orbs, you my followers, will also be able to wield magic!”

Through the night Mizerak handed out twelve colored orbs to his ordained twelve Arch Mages. They were to be his Lieutenants and regional regents for the coming regime. After that he preceded to give out hundreds of lesser orbs. They too granted their users the ability to cast, but the were connected to the greater orbs. They could be controlled by the wielder of the greater.

The Concordian Army was frozen. Within hours the wizards of the army knew something was wrong, something so sinister and unbelievable that they were paralyzed. All through the night they attempted to cast spells, whether alone or combined, only to again and again. Priests prayed for some sort of forgiveness, they thought sure that they had did something wrong to cause this travesty! Generals and soldiers sat waiting for orders. They knew something was wrong. They believed in the powers of the Concordian and seeing them panicking caused the moral to spiral down. The weight of doom seemed to have settled on the Concordian Army, a doom that was soon coming.

As sun rose in the sky the next morning, Mizerak returned to Miz’Arak. He ordered his armies gathered. He planned to strike in twenty-four hours. He had a surprise though. He had no plans to just attack the Concordian Army but to also strike the Great and Magical City of Salarnia, the Capital of the Kingdom of Darntherna, and the center of the Concordia itself. He planned a swift bold stroke that should cripple all serious resistance.

All through the day and night, Mizerak’s Arch Mages gathered soldiers and gated them to the lands outside Miz’Arak. Mizerak himself opened a portal to a dark plane of Blood. They he brought thousands of Bloodspawn to do his bidding. They lived for violence and killing. They were glad to serve the likes of Mizerak. As the sun set tens of thousands of score of troops had gathered outside the city of Miz’ Arak.

The Concordian could not even see it coming. With the loss of magic all communication had been lost. There was no way to organize any type of coordination. In fact the leaders of the Concordian were too worried about what was happening. They in fact did not believe that Mizerak had anything to do with it. Most thought that Arius had abandoned them. They worked to try to appease him and figure out what was wrong with the weave. All through the night they worked and prayed, but alas it was in vain.

As the Sun began to arise the City of Salsarnia did not gleamed as it used to. It was still by far the most beautiful city in the land. It buildings had been designed by elves and constructed by dwarves. It was a huge city that was all made out of marble and crystal structures. Spiraling towers soared high, and bridges connected the upper levels together. It was a city with gleaming domes of silver, gold, and crystal. All the roads were bricked and lined with beautiful trees that grew forming beautiful patterns. The city had hundreds of parks that were filled with the purity of nature. It was the last morning of the city.

As the sun rose over the city, so did it’s doom. Fore in the early hours after dawn, portals began opening in the parks, out came thousand of Bloodspawn. These were hideous red creatures. They had four legs and a long abdomen, two arms with wicked looking razor sharp claws. They had red reptilian eyes, and a mouth full of black razor sharp teeth, that dripped with black saliva.

They leaped out of the gates and flooded the streets. Death and carnage spread. The city guard and thousand of others took to the sword to defend the town. Tens of thousands Bloodspawn were slewed by the noble protectors of the town. It though did not even slow the tide, for every bloodspawn that was killed five more entered the town. The streets ran with blood. The screams of the citizens of Salsarnia echoed in the streets. The air filled with smoke of the burning building. The beauty of the once great city was gone; all that remained was death, death of the city, death of the people, death of hope.

As Bloodspawn destroyed the city of Salsarnia, the Concordian Army also met its fate. As they awoke they discovered and Army moving on their camp. The Battle of the Dark Tide began. Mizerak troops raced in under the cover of fireballs, lightning bolts, and Acidic Cloud spells. For almost an hour the Concordian Army held, but without magik they were too weak to win. As Mizeraks troops broke the lines, the troops wavered and collapsed. The generals could not hold troops to the lines. The battle was quickly over.

As the day sat, the Concordian was gone, as all the real leaders had perished in Salsarnia or the Concordian Army. Mizerak had control of the Kingdom of Darntherna. With these new lands and victories, Mizerak, quickly expanded. At first Kings resisted, but none were powerful enough. Soon Kings pleaded for their lives and handed their Kingdoms to their new lord. Darkness spread as the laws of Mizerak. No place was safe. The Lord Arch Mage Mizerak began his rule of darkness and thousands upon thousand sold their souls for him. The Third Age, the Golden Age of Humans, was over. The new Fourth Age, the Age of Darkness, had begun. Hell now was now the realm.