Well, as we last left are heros they were trapped on a boat with no mast after the breaking of the Crystal Tablet. Everything seemed to be different now and the change of the world seemed to hang over them like a heavy fog. The party though had not given up. They were determined to get home.

The party and the piretes spent the next day trying to get the ship home. Without a sail, it had nothing to propel it forward. Some piretes started making padels out of logs, while the party let the Tinker Gnome work below to make a propellor. Luckly the party never had a chance to let the gnomes complete it, fore their plan involved a hole below the keel to put the propellor out. By night fall little had been accomplish and then they were hit by a storm.

The storm was harsh. For several hours the ship seemed to be battered. It was rocked more then anyone party member had ever had to deal with. Then after several hours the ship shuddered as if she hit something, or went aground. Water rushed into the hull from the hole. Crew and parties member moved to the top of the ship and tried to tie them down. More then one pirete or party member went overboard in the swells. It was at this time that Jessica had Rymathiest and Azreal teleported to the party. Rymathiest got to the deck to be swept immediately overboard.

As the sun rose in the morning, all the party was luckly still alive. Those overboard found themselves on an island, while the rest found themselves a half a mile ofshore stuck on a coral reef. The remaining party on the ship, helped to make rafts and all the piretes and gnomes went to the island with the party.

On the island, the party and the piretes seperated. The piretes felt that the party was unlucky. The captian had not forgiven Von Lorean for the lose of not one ship, but now two. Rymathiest and his glowing worms did not help the situation and they saw him as a bad omen.

The party quickly got Rymathiest up to speed. The party quickly learned that this island was not normal. Some said it was an island of the Damned, others were not sure. The vegetation was widely different. They discovered a blue shrewbery that tried to eat a party member.

Rymathiest went back and got the parties things from the hull. Meanwhile back on the shore that party once again fought each other. Von Lorean and the Apeman Antonius got into a fight over him calling Von Lorean a human, a true insult to an Elf. The situation was further worse when Vladimir, a fighter that was a captive of Serdida woke up. Von Lorean insulted Vladimir and that began a great mistrust between them.

By the time Rymathiest came back, Von Lorean pulled out his blade. Rymathiest tried to prevent it, but he cut off Antonius's ear. This was devastating for him, since it messed up his balance.

Finally the party started moving. In the distance they saw the remains of a tower on a tiny pennisula that juted off the island. It was a stone tower that was partially collapsed with moss growing all over it. So they walked to it.

On their journey they crossed a small river, the party chose to drink from it. Several came down with dysentary. Luckily the priests were able to get rid of the disease. The party reached the tower to discover that something had attacked it in the past.

The party opened the door and enter the dark tower. Inside they discovered the ruins of a tower. Azreal saw a small blue spider crossing the floor. He swatted at it and instead of running it leaped on him. It preceded to bite him. Then the party saw more spiders and they started to attack. In the other room, they saw what looked like a nest of spiders. The party tossed a fireball and ran away.

Back at their camp they licked there wounds a waited til morning. During the night some sort of blue pigmies attacted the party. they managed to put most of the characters to sleep with their sleep poison and they almost got a way with one party member but the Von Lorean and Destin managed to fight them off.

In the morning theparty went back to the tower. There they found more spiders in the other room. they through yet another fireball in and decided to ignore it. They climbed the stairs up to the top, to see a ruined lab. It was here that the party preceded to meet and insult a Brazzian named Kadzarr. He was from another plane. He was a golden skin, golden hair and golden eyed humanoid. He had the ability to phase shift at will.

He told the party what this island was. The island was called Vandrossa Island and two hundred years ago a mage came him. He was a planar mage. By that I mean that he dealt primarily with planes. Some called him visionary, other insane genocidalist. He beleived that a perfect ecology could be made by bringing in creatures from all planes. He came here to hide from the Towers of Sorcery and to develop that perfect ecology.

Here on this island he brought in thousands of creature from all sort of planes. They quickly overtook the native ecology of the island. This was how Kadzarr got trapped here. Then a couple years after working here he brought in a creature that was his downfall. He brough in a huge monster that ravaged the tower. That creature then made it's lair on the otherside of the island.

At this point Kadzarr was going to offer his assistance, fore he said that in the creature's lair was something that could get them off the island. instead though Von Lorean preceded to insult him and threaten him, so he phased shifted away.

The next day brought hope, for that morning, Barthlowmew, Gothmog, and the female Lehnis Dukay became shipwrecked with them. Bartholowmew was searching for the Kalad!!! Von Lorean, Antonius, and Tayler went and joined the piretes. Aka the game was completed on another night and htere were a few different players.

The party sat in camp and Kadzarr came back with Von Lorean gone. he reminded them about the lair. The party decided to go, but instead of going through the island they decided to take the long way and follow beach.

The first day was alot of walking. The party fought a horde of one foot long insects. they were almost defeated. The insects used sleep poison to subdue their prey. The only ones up at the end of the fight was bartog and Barthlowmew. In the ensueing fight. Bart preceded to disingrate Lehnis's magical sword and Dersin was almost dragged away while Bartog searched for his axe underneath the waves. the party awoke an hour later.

By evening the party reached the side of the smaller mountain. There a Wyvern leaped down on them. Bart made him insane, and it preceded to decide that Addraine was the rot of all evil. The party slew it, but not before it crashed into Addraine and devastated him. The party decided to rest the night.

the night was relatively uneventful, escept fot the party letting alittle race of brownies tie Gothmog while he slept down and they poked his one eye for hours while the party laughed. In the morning they walked on.

They walked unhindered til just after noon. Then the party saw a huge flightless bird. The bird did not see them til Gothmog waved at it. It then preceded to charge. Most of the party leaped into the ocean, while Ryamathist leaped into a forest. Azreal into a maneating shrubery and Gothmog waited for it. The party took down the bird in a few minutes. During this time Azreal was getting defeated by the shrub. It was attaching suction cubs to him, which release digestive acids into him. he almsot died, but the party killed the shrub and quick healing prevented the acid from killing him.

The rest of the day the party kept walking, the only other obstical they ran inot was a giant strange looking alligator. The party managed to sneak up and kill in in less then a minute. In a nest they found eggs. Gothmog took five while the party destroyed the rest. By evening the the party reached the bottom opf the mountain and they set camp.

During the middle of the night a chicken leg tied to what looked like fishing wire, went inot the middle of camp. Gothmog picked it up and almost ate it, but Azreal convinced him not too. So he tugged on the line and out of the forest he drug a short three foot tall man wearing yellow slicker and hat, boats, and he held a fishing pole. Gothmog pulled it away when he announced he had caught Gothmog. Without the pole, the man, pulled out a wicked looking club with spikes. He preceded to hit Gothmog in the crotch with it for quadruple damage. gothmaog feel. The man then put a neg over his head and tighten it around his neck. Azreal decided to to help gothmog. The man pulled out a machete and went for throat slash he missed. the party got up and fought him. He was eventually killed and Rymathiest save Gothmog from suffication.

next morning the party went into the old Pandara Monestary that was below the lair. The lair was four hundred feet up so they needed to get up there from within the mountain. Inside they found a strange race of psionic creatures. They first captured a couple. As the moved on they ran into five more. They subdue a couple and while the rest were held they cut their heads off. The party continued on. They stopped at a library where they met nine more. In a hard fight they defeated them. In the fight Gothmog was forced to attack Bartog, but before he could Rymathiest held him and Destin pushed him down and attacked the head psionicist. The party then moved on, of course before they left the library they had to insult Pandara.

Finally they reached the top. There they found a door that was wedged in the hall. the party preceded to go in and fight the huge creature. It too was a hard fight. I would go into more detail, but I grow tired. In the end the party was hurt but they triumphed and gathered it's horde. i will hold off saying how they got off the island since they have to tell it next week, but they did.