The Breaking of the Crystal Tablet

Well this is the continuation of last weeks game. As you remember if you read the second adventure, you know that the part was chasing after the man that had the Crystal Tablet, also known as the Tablet of the Gods. It basically was the covenent that governed all the gods. The party had originally held it and lost it, now though was their chance to reclaim it.

We had left the party in the Galadorian port city of Tol Apar. They had just hired a ship, the fast caraval, "The Flying Barracuda". They were doing last minute preperations before leaving for the open seas. All they knew was that the ship was the Black Skull and that it left port going northeast.

As the party made their preperation, Seth, paladin of Orion, noticed Addraine, Dersin, and a green dwarf (who happened to ahve his head in a bowl of water) in a bar. He stepped in and told them to rejoin the group...they did not ask where they were going af course until seventeen days in the trip. So they left and rejoined the party who was planning to sell the Queens horses. Thankfully though that was averted and the horses were placed in the hands of the city garrison.

So by afternoon the party got on the ship, Hunting Lizard's old pirete ship, and went sailing after the Black Skull. The ship proved to be a worthy choice. Even in the showest days the ship would speed forward. Her captain was an experenced sailor with much experence and respect. The crew to was a great crew that worked hard and was very experenced.

The trip was a painstakingly long. The party spent 350 gold for twelve days at sea. They had ploted a course around the Endoria Pennisula, to the Rythosian port of Port Redos. It was an eight day trip with the speed of the Flying Barracuda. They had no idea where the Black Skull was going and while the party fought to decided if they should stop in other ports on the way, their decision finally was to go directily to the port.

On the second day the party met the ship's mage. They saw him step out of a two by two foot closet. He spent much time with the Captain and the party learned that when he took his turn at swabbing the deck, it was far better to stay below. hunting Lizard spent a great deal of time with him. Then on the eighth day Daron overheard the mage say that the party was going the wrong way to get the Black Skull. Daron then followed the mage back to his closet and then when he opened the door he found an empty closet. He waited all night. In the morning he awoke wearing pajamas, a blanket over him and talking fuzzy bunny rabbitt slippers on him.

When he found the mage, he found out where the Black Skull was, she was heading into the deepest waters in what appeared to for the Isle of the Damned. So he immediately went back and told Von Lorean. Von Lorean then went to talk with the Captian.

The captain told him he could turn immediately, but for the fourteen days extra it would cost them 800 hundred more. Von Lorean offered him a thousand and then after argueing with the party to sell a set of awesome bracers. After much argueing, the party scrounged together the thousand and told the captain where they were going, to the Isle of the Damned. They thought for sure he would cower. Instead he just shrugged and said ok. Basic case of the been there, done that by the captain.

For nine days the ship sailed toward the Black Skull. The winds were with the Flying Barracuda, and she flew across the ocean. Then on the ninth day the party saw the other ship on the horizon, with another ship that appeared on the horizon. The captain said by morning they would engage. The battle was soon about to be met.

The next morning was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. The wind was but a mild breeze. it was a warm morning that seemed almost holy. Flying Barracuda sailed into fate.

Coming at the Flying Barracuda was two ships. One was the fast caravel the Black Skull. The other was a stange contraption. It was metal, or so it appeared. It had no sails. Instead it had a huge metal pipe that stuck out of the middle with black smoke bellowing out. In the front were three metal tubes with a hole the diameter of three feet at the end. This was the tinker gmome vessal, the Smoky Death Version 5.9!

The ships were coming on both sides of the Flying Barracuda. The Smoky Death Version 5.9 was the first to open the fight, when the metal tube reared back and smoke flew out. Seconds later water flew on deck from an explosion off the port bow.

The ships continues to move ever closer. Serina put up a wall of fog so the party could not see the smoky death. Every few minute another explosion went off. The Flying Barracuda swung toward the Black Skull heading to take her one. Yards passed, the ships slowily moved closer and closer. Then a shell hit dead middle of teh deck of the Flying Barracuda from the Smoky Death version 5.9. Boards shattered and several wounded including Seth.

As the ships got closer, Von Lorean and Seth, with the spell water walking and boots water walking ran toward the Black Skull. Archers fired on them, but Von Loreans protection from missile spell protected them. As they were closing in on the ship, the dark mage Serdida stepped on the deck and fired a rather pathetic fireball. It though was enough to take down the Paladin Seth and Von Lorean picked him up and ran back toward the Flying Barracuda.

Meanwhile the Smokey Death Version 5.9 continued to fire shells out the Flying Barracuda. One of the Smokey Death Version 5.9's gun exploded, but still shell scame. Finally as they came close, they launched the GNOMES!!!!!! Yes via catapult they sent gnomes with explosives on their backs (sidenote: The gnomes had developed this plan with the assumption that the explosion would successfully push them away to safety). As gnomes landed the Smokey Death Version 5.9 continued to close ever closier.

The party got most of the gnomes off, but it was too late to get them all off. Several gnomes blew up taking great deal of sailor with them. The only bright point for the flying Barracuda was that her archers were devastating the archers on the Black Skull. Unfortunately it was at this point that gnoles rose from the side of their ship and opened up with arquebuses. Several went down in the volley. As the second volley prepared to be shoot, the Smokey Death Version 5.9 brutally rammed the Flying Barracuda in her side. Water began rushing into the ship.

At that moment the Black skull moved along side and launched a boarding party. The battle was in full force now. Sailor and party members intermingled in their fight for survival. As gnomes began o fire yet another salvo, the party caught sight of Hunting Lizard flying up from the Smokey Death Version 5.9. Then with a huge explosion, the Smokey Death Version 5.9, blew up, or so to speak went down. She quickly sank. Nothing was left of teh Smokey Death Version 5.9, except a few gnomes that were lost with their dreams of Smokey Death Version 6.0.

The party fought the piretes of the Black Skull on the ever steeper decks of the Flying Barracuda. Daron fought the third mate of the Black Skull. The third mate fought pathetically, but two gnomes came up behind Daron and one brutally stabbed Daron in the ass. Von Lorean began to work his way over to help Daron. He cleaved piretes that dared step in his way. Addraine fought sailors, as did Tyler. Antonius bravely cast santuary on himself. Roland and Serina fought desperately.

As the battle continued, the party worked to rush to Darons aid. Tyler went down, but the tide was turning. Von Lorean got intercepted by the First Mate who swing his sword and fumbled it into his crotch. The first mate collapsed and rolled off the ship to a welcomed death from his pain. Daron then followed the First mate down as a gnome took him down with yet another ass stabbing. By thsi time though, Serina and Addraine had gotten over to help him. Then with the arrival of Von Lorean the party leaped over to the other ship, as the Flying barracuda capsized.

On the other ship the fight was already in full swing. The captian of the Flying Barracuda had realized allready his ship was lost and had quickily taken the initative to take over the Black Skull, which too was damaged after hunting Lizard had flown down and pushed the mast off the ship. The party took two minutes to heal a little bit up and get everyone up and rushed below to find the Dark mage and the Crystal Tablet.

As the party got below they came to a hallway with two flesh golems. The party winced and quickily went into combat. It was a harsh battle but the party did it. Seth was badily wounded. As the party finished the golems the doors at the end opened and the Dark Mage Serdida fired off a lightning bolt. The party was badily wounded. Seth collapsed, dead. The party then rushed the mage. Behind him they could see the Crystal Tablet on a table with a thick, black liquid that was burning in it. Before the mage could get a spell off Dersin leaped into the mages chest and knocked him down. With that the party began trying to hit him. Dersin climbed over the mage and tried to grabbed the tablet, only to have both his hands melt away. Cracks began to appear into the tablet.

The Dark Mage tried at this point to read a spell out of his spell book. Daron successfully broke his right arm. Then the next round Von Lorean broke his left arm, but still he read the spell fireball.

The Dark Mage died, but his work did get completed. The crystal Tablet exploded with light that ripped through the ceiling and up to the sky. The sun and sky turned red. The wind became absolutely calm. The Crystal Tablet, the Tablet of the Gods, was broken. It was the calm before the storm.

During the rest of the day the party gathered all the dead and put it overboard. Around the ship sat 35 gnomes sitting on wreckage. They too were brought onboard. Seth was buried at sea in a ceremony where Daron played a sad tune on his violin, Addrainne and Von Lorean sang the Elvan death song, and the sailors played an old sea chanty all at the same time.

Now the party sat on a ship without a mast waiting, waiting to try to figure out how to get home.....