11:56:42 Tuesday September 16 2014

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Hey everyone. Remember when I was a diarist? I have been failing at that for some time now. However my life has undergone some big changes recently, so it is time to start logging again.

I don't intend to try and catch up with the backlog at all. I'm just declaring logging bankruptcy on the intervening time. I may upload some of the pictures from my camera, but that will be the extent of it.

You will need a bit of background though, so allow me to give you enough to catch up.

On May 17th my lovely wife was granted her Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience by Purdue University. Within a week she was moved out to our new apartment in Washington DC to begin her postdoctoral research position at American University. Although I helped her move in I had to return to West Lafayette to hold down the fort until the house sold.

Needless to say being separated from my wife and maintaining two households was a stressful time.

On July 9th my little Niece Copeland Groves was born.

From August 13th through 17th I attended GenCon 2014. Showalter, Woodfin, Girard, Mrozek, Newby, Lehmann, Reuss, and a pair of Oglesby joined me this year. I ran a number of sessions of Dread for the excellent folks at Games on Demand. In terms of games played this year the highlights were Amidst Endless Quiet, a playtest of Feng Shui 2, and a session of Call of Cthulhu by the clever folks from You Too Can Cthulhu.

From August 17th through August 21st I packed like mad. I owe a huge debt to Jeff, Chris, Brad, Mike, John, and Reid who helped me pack up the house.

On the afternoon of August 21st I handed over the keys to the old house on Willow Drive and headed out to Washington DC to start the next phase of my life with my lovely wife.