00:47:06 Monday October 13 2014

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No the thing where I restarted the log wasn't a drill. I'm doing this thing for real.

So my first few weeks here were super eventful. All of Sara's friends and co-workers came over to help us move in which was very generous of them. That gave us the better part of four days to unpack and complete a herculean amount of administrivia before Sara's family arrived.

They came into town to attend the wedding of Sara's cousin John Laughlin and Cristiane Lobo. We had an excellent dinner with Sara's immediate family at Founding Farmers.

Sara showed her family around DC. The next day the rehearsal dinner was at The Lansdowne Resort.

On August 30th the big day arrived and the wedding vows were exchanged. The doves were very interesting. I have never attended a wedding with trained doves before. There skills were impressive. They flew right down the aisle and did a showy little turn or two before heading back to their trainer.

The reception was fantastic. The band kept everyone engaged and did a good job mixing tunes familiar to the Americans and the Brazilians. There was lots of dancing and fun. It was wonderful to join the Laughlins in their celebration.

It wasn't until the week of Labor day that I got an opportunity to explore the city. More on that soon.