21:22:52 Saturday November 22 2014

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So I am behind again. Time to start doing these entries on the same day of the event. To bring you up to date:


  • 5th - Ben and Rachel welcomed us to DC with a nice dinner out at Firefly.

  • 7th - I got out on my bike and took a nice nine hour ride in an attempt to internalize the geography of the city. I made my way along the canal exploring and stopping when I was hungry/thirsty. Besides generally exploring the streets in the northwest and southwest quadrants of the city I stopped and visited a few places.

    • I stumbled into an open house at the Abner Cloud House and was led on a nice little tour by one of the friendly Colonial Dames that maintain the place.

    • Made my way to Hains Point for a view of the Potomac River.

    • Parked my bike and spent some time exploring Roosevelt Island.

  • 12th - Date night with my lovely and talented wife. Dinner at Le Grenier on H Street and a peculiar little play entitled She Kills Monsters about an older sister coming to understand the inner life of her deceased little sister through the Dungeons and Dragons campaign notes she left behind.

  • 19th - 20th - Sara's sister Katie was in town setting up for her art show. We had lunch at Jaleo with their Aunt, Uncle, and cousins; poked around the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial; and saw some amazing toy construction with Superstructs at The National Building Museum. Dinner at Pizzeria Paradiso.

  • 28th - Prof. Davidson and his wife had us over to their home for a nice dinner party with others from the lab / department.