The Melderon Herald

Welcome to the realm of Melderon and the World of AD&D.

Well this will soon house a great deal of information on my AD&D World of Melderon and also just general things of interest to do with fantasy. So I hope that you will check back often to see how these changes happen.

The realm of Melderon is a realm of my own creation played in TSR's AD&D world. It is a world based a little on Greek Mythology and the feel of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It is a realm where the gods take active interest in the realms. It is a Realm is one that is in transition as an Age that appears to be nearing a conclusion, in a world that the balance of good and evil is changing.

It is a world I began the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, 1996. It began with a group of adventurers signing up to defend the Kingdom of Galador from a Barbarian Horde. They were a small group of different walks of life. In the group was daughter of the King, King Frothin II, also known as King Frothins the Mediocre. Stepdaughter of the 2nd House of Galador and daughter of the God of War, Festus. A priest of the God of Suffering, Tara. A half Dragon cartographer and a Dwarf that was cursed with a wasting disease by the Goddess of Disease, Verona. Another half Dragon who is on a quest to discover the secrets of a mysterious cube. A paladin of the God of Protection, Orion. A Royal Gaurd guided them on their first adventure and on the way they united with a Barbarian Female and her kobold sidekick. These were the first members of the Keepers of the Light.

As time went on they were joined by others. A druid and his great tiger, a gnome illusionist, a one-eyed troll, a green dwarf with gills, an insane priest of chaos, a colorful Swashbuckler, a paladin of Duty, and others would join the keepers of Light. Some would come and go, but the adventure always has continued. They are on a single quest, to stop the end of the Age, but they are also on many quests for them to go on to reach this goal.

They have traveled to see the realm and discover the secrets of the realm and perhaps of the entire history. It is a long ardous quest, but one that they are up to. They are a group that was prophecised throughout the Age. In not just one prophecy, but hundred of prophecies. They are the hope and heart of the Age. Without them there is no hope.

There is more to this group then just adventures and quests, fore to succeed they have had to look inside themselves and truly discover themselves. They had to learn to work together as a team. Their true strenght is their diversity. In their diversity is the qualities that can seem to defeat anything when they are united.

Now it has been three years, and I am surprised that the campaign has lasted so long. Over the years I have lost some characters, but I have gained others. Lehnis Dukey, half-dragon cartographer extrodinair, still helps lead the party. Rymathiest, priest of Tara, still too seeks to alleivate the suffering of all, and to find his redemption. Then there is still St. Aanddorr who hides from the grasps of the Order of the Mind. Roland too, the once Paladin of Orion who was traded to Arturo for a Paladin to be names later in a three diety trade, also searches for redemption and to live up to being a hero.

Some charaters though have left or passed on. Gothmog, the One-Eyed Troll, sacrificed himself to save the party and the Book of Black Magik from dark forces of Mizerak. Destin has left the party to seek the powers of Necromancy. Azreal the Anticlimatic, stole the Book of Black Magic and gain his powers of magic back. He has left for his own dark plots. Hunting Lizard and Vilinar both lie captured in a prison with seemingly no hope of rescue. Jessica is still held by the dark forces that captured her two years ago. Both Von Lorean and Alderas have left the party to seek a safer life. Adrian the Druid too has returned to the forest to seek guidence.

While some left, other have joined the void. An elderly retired Lord Commander of Didric, Sir Wolfgang and his faithful elderly squire have joined the party. A once swashbuckler and now Paladin of Archon, Del'navar has helped lead the party. A barbarian with a prize helmut named Galnak, Last of the Tribe of the Scratching Chipmunk, has given great strength to the party. A young Mage named Julian has joined the party. Another priest of Tara who seeks redemption has taken refuge with the party named Tara. Others too have joined the party to give great strength to it.

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